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SYHA Travel Mite B 2019 Game Video
by posted 12/08/2019


+ game video Saturday night at MSG.

If anyone else has footage that they would like to share please send us the link and we can post it here.


Here is the link to the YouTube playlist of the recorded game footage:  This playlist and game footage are unlisted but you can share the link to family and friends.


SYHA Travel Mite B 2019-20


SUN FEB 23, 2020 @ Rangers games MSG https://youtu.be/WpXd06hpo58
SUN FEB 2, 2020 @ Southern CT White https://youtu.be/ZbLhhZTxWLs
SAT FEB  1, 2020 @ Darien White https://youtu.be/-W88lT-1KeI
SUN JAN 26, 2020 vs New Canaan Mite C https://youtu.be/qWCp8xs485E
MON JAN 20, 2020 Darien A1 https://youtu.be/Zwn8sx0ZKqU
MON JAN 20, 2020 New Canaan A1 https://youtu.be/jHvOYnnZYJA
MON JAN 20, 2020 GSC A1 https://youtu.be/zGi-Zb1mOUU
SAT JAN 18, 2020 vs Darien Ice Cats https://youtu.be/dxEq0qCCOl0
SUN JAN 12, 2020 vs Riverbank https://youtu.be/CCHya7ur_yg
SUN JAN 12, 2020 vs Union Thunder https://youtu.be/_0aLh2T-TUk
SUN JAN 12, 200 vs North Rockland https://youtu.be/CzWewLk5P3o
SAT JAN 11, 2020 vs Yale-New Haven https://youtu.be/qaiGmSS3P7I
SUN JAN 05, 2020 vs Richfield Lions https://youtu.be/HIPBgZ8RYqY
SAT JAN 04, 2020 @ Scarsdale https://youtu.be/nVgPLOkPjfE
SUN DEC 22, 2019 @ CT Jr Whalers https://youtu.be/HtLTfXqs6KM
SAT DEC 21, 2019 vs North Rockland No Video
SUN DEC 15, 2019 vs Darien Mite B White https://youtu.be/gBY_XYrAWGk
SAT  DEC 14, 2019 @ Darien Ice Cats https://youtu.be/9uBstaBlGJc
SUN DEC 08, 2019 @ Watertown Mite B https://youtu.be/3XvGWFcO_pc
SAT  DEC 07, 2019 CT Jr Whalers https://youtu.be/ZCkdBHEVkig


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